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Apos's Journal


Age : 26
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Apos's Journal Empty Apos's Journal

Post by Apos on Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:01 pm

I once Dreamed a dream
A dream of fantasy
A tale of a man who was spoke of in legends old
A tale of a man with wings of gold
But what the legends don't tell
What was not said
Was that the man wished himself dead
"What use is a being of years untold
shackled down by wings of Gold?
Unable to ascend to the sky beyond
chained down to the earth?
Why must I be shackled by
these wings densest hurt?"

The man fought, and the man cried
The man stuggled to reach the sky
The man wept, and the man prayed
For the gods above to take him away

Age : 26
Posts : 209

Apos's Journal Empty Re: Apos's Journal

Post by Apos on Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:58 pm

Alright! So, I've been meaning to write this blog post since I got back from my year (Holy shit it's been a year) ban, but was busy with things that I'll get to later. So, what's the Apos been up to?

Let's start at the beginning, why was I banned? Unfortunately, due to the nature of the offense, I'm not permitted to speak freely about it, as it involves site secrets (not trying to sound pretentious, but it's the truth). Long story short, I learned things that I had no right to know, and discussed them with others. Kay? Kay. Moving on.

Now then, where to begin, where did I go from there? To start, Ricxs and I started work on our own website, which is currently about 50% completed. Expect an unveil here once we're coming close to finishing that. Second, I joined (and became head admin of) a Garry's mod server! There I learned quite a bit about community management, bringing in new members, and keeping people entertained in general. That lasted about... say 6 months before the community shut down. I then went to another community. And another. Before I knew it, I was the Head admin (the Suicune, if you will) of 5 different communities.

And then Suicune emailed me. He told me that the past was the past, and that I was forgiven. I was finally free to come back if I so desired. I left my communities, resigned my admin spot on all 5 gaming groups, and here I am.

As far as work life, as many of you remember me being in the US Air Force, I'm doing well. I've earned several letters of commendation, and several awards at various levels. I'm currently an E3 (Airman First Class), and am due for promotion in December.

Now that the brief overview is finished (and feel free to post any questions you may have), the question is... Where do we go from here? I've already seen the state EJ was in when I returned, 9 active members, 3 active moderators, and 6 active teams. I was appalled at the state of it all. So, that brings me to my next, and main point.

We're bringing it Back
That's right, you heard me. I've started up a Campaign to breathe life anew into the the husk that once was EJ. I've organised members, and together we've gotten in touch with old friends from here, old faces of great. We've planned teams, plot. And most of all, I know how to bring in members. Let's build some hype, ladies and gentlemen. EJ will soon live again, and she'll shine brighter than she EVER did before.

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